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Give to Mt. Carmel

To support Mt. Carmel's ministries and participate in God's work in our community, send a check payable to Mt. Carmel Lutheran Church.

Mt.  Carmel Lutheran Church

515 SW Maplecrest Drive

Portland, OR 97219

Giving to Specific Funds
Community Care Team

The primary goal of the Mt. Carmel Care Team is to help meet the physical, financial and emotional needs of individual church members by reaching out through meals, flowers, financial assistance and/or other hands-on support (through cards, phone calls, texts or other communication). Consensus among the Care Team guides that support following confidential discussion among members, which is then met through donations (designated or otherwise).  The preference is that support be provided from Mt. Carmel as a whole and not from individuals and that there be anonymity - we are merely being God's hands and feet. 

Good Samaritan Fund

The Mt. Carmel Good Samaritan Fund helps the church address emergency financial needs of individuals in our community on a case-by-case basis. The Pastor’s access to these discretionary funds contributes to a rapid, small-scale response to pressing hardships. Many members of the Mt. Carmel community save coins and paper money in “Good Samaritan Fund” branded jars which we bring to church to empty en masse several times a year.  Others support the fund through periodic donations made electronically or by check.

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