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Online Worship

All are welcome to our Zoom-enabled worship each Sunday at 10:00 am.

Join here: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82203642019

Meeting ID: 822 0364 2019

If you are wondering how this works, the answer is, "It works great!"  We may be muted, but we still sing along to hymns on YouTube.  We listen to music for meditation by our musician, Mr. Steve Cleveland.  We hear the psalms and read the gospel lessons.  We pray.  And we hear the good news as delivered by our Pastor, Rev. Matta Ghaly.

After service, we share a BYOC (Bring Your Own Coffee) time of fellowship. Lurk in the background or unmute and join in!

In-Person Worship


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Worship is a central part of our lives together on The Mount. Worship begins at 10:00 am. We celebrate Holy Communion every Sunday and ALL are welcome to join us.

Sunday mornings are about community. Casual and intimate are words that have been used by visitors to describe us. Called to be God's people together, you will find straight folks and gay folks, hearing folks and deaf folks, married folks and single folks. You get the idea.

The order of service is called the "liturgy" which is an ancient Greek word loosely translated as "service". We use a number of these by various artists. Each liturgy reflects the season of the year. Sometimes it is a traditional Lutheran Book of Worship service, Now the Feast Liturgy or Call Us Home. We celebrate the Eucharist each Sunday.


Our musician is Mr. Steve Cleveland who is a local artist who really likes Jazz.  There is always food after service for a time of meet and greet.


Come for a visit any Sunday morning for worship and stay for the community. During the worship service, we follow the Revised Common Lectionary built around the stories in the Bible. This is a four-year cycle of readings. Each week is geared to reading the story in the Bible to show the breadth and variety of the people in the Bible Stories. Christian education for children begins during the worship time with a children's message then followed by an activity in the children's church area which highlights the general message for the day.