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Ancient Liturgy, Liberating Theology, Inclusive Community


We center our lives at Mt. Carmel around the rhythm of the liturgy as used by countless generations of Christ-followers. We gather in song and prayer, confessing our need for the Holy One. We tell the stories of our faith and hear them preached with critical reflection and inquiry. We profess our hope in Christ through ancient creeds and pray for our community and for the world. We share a sign of peace and set our table, trusting that Christ comes to us in bread and wine, imparting faith, hope and love, an outpouring of grace on the whole world. We are finally sent out with a blessing to be Christ's hands and feet, bringing healing and wholeness to the world.

Occasionally, our liturgy weaves rituals of initiation and life passages to mark and celebrate our individual journeys and our communal voyage. We are excited to welcome you into our ever-widening circle of healing and transformation on the path of Jesus.

We invite you to come, taste and see!

Online or in our sanctuary.

Meeting ID: 822 0364 2019

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