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Christ is our Mirror (Christmas Eve 2021)

Updated: May 2

Let’s breathe together, friends.

Love has come to rule and transform; Stay awake, my heart, stay awake. Amen

Behold, a little child born to a poor and ordinary teenage single mother, wrapped in bands of cloth, lying in a manger, born like us in every way, yet within him is the quantum sum of this magnificent universe.

This child, Creator’s love embodied in form is a mirror for you and me, a mirror revealing:

that we too in our flesh and bones bodies contain the quantum sum of this whole universe,

that we too are divinity mingled with clay,

that like Jesus, we too have been sent to this world as God’s Word made flesh,

to bring good news to the poor, to proclaim release to the captives and recovery for the broken-hearted, letting the oppressed go free, announcing God’s favor to all.

There is a beautiful saying in the Sufi path;

“you walk around presuming

that you are but a tiny speck

And yet within you

the whole universe dwells.”

Christ longs for us to no longer crawl through life but to discover our wings and fly, to discover the deep divine treasure within our souls because in that discovery friends, Christ is born and comes alive within us, and through us, to the world.

This is reiterated within our Christian tradition, in the fourth century for example, St. Athanasius the great who wrote the Nicene creed that we will shortly be reading together summed up the mystery of the birth of Christ saying; the Son of God became human so that those who are human may realize they are God.

And it is precisely for this profound discovery that Jesus is born to show us the Way back home to ourselves, to show us the Way to re-binding heaven and earth together as one within our bodies, to show us the Way of repairing the world with God’s overflowing grace, so that the angels who once sang in Bethlehem may keep on singing until their voices are heard and their dreams come true;

Glory to God in the highest heaven, and on earth peace, God’s favor for all.

In a world, in which we are told that God is angry with us, or at best indifferent,

in a world in which we have built fabricated systems of disbelonging and oppression,

in a world in which we have disowned one another,

Christ is a mirror calling us back home to our truest and deepest selves.

Every time we are objectified and reduced by the world to a number, or capital, or casualty, the gospel will echo that we are much more, that we are threads in the divine tapestry of being.

The story of the birth of Jesus as Christ tells a more complete story of our humanity and our destiny, than just mere brokenness or cosmic demise. It is a story that doesn’t hold or bind but liberates us from the illusion that we are separated and isolated away from God, ourselves and one another.. It proclaims a more ancient story, the story of our divine birthright of belonging, because somewhere, before the beginning of time, we were one with God and no matter what happens on this journey, we will always be.

For this we gather tonight friends, to catch a glimpse of this truth in the Presence of one another, then go out and live it in our lives, in our relationships and families, in our churches and institutions, in our governments and systems, with the creativity, resilience and hope of those who have been made new because as Teresa of Avila reminds us;

Christ has no body now but yours

No hands, no feet on earth but yours

Yours are the eyes with which He sees

Yours are the feet with which He walks

Yours are the hands with which

He blesses all the world

On this night.

The question remains, will you give him room to come alive in and through the inn of your life? Amen.

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